Litigation Solutions

Litigation imposes significant burdens on individuals and businesses. We seek to alleviate those burdens by finding cost- effective solutions that place client interests first.  

The Gilman Law Firm

Solutions for Tomorrow

Whenever possible we identify problematic client practices and policies and work with our clients to resolve these issues before they give rise to litigation.   

What We Offer

Experienced Listening

During our interactions with our clients we carefully listen to our client's concerns and craft solutions to resolve client's current problems while anticipating future issues and challenges.


Sensible Litigation Planning

We understand that excessive litigation costs can diminish the value of successful litigation.  We work with our clients to clearly define litigation objectives and explain the costs of attaining those objectives. We endeavor to ensure that the value of each legal victory is warranted given its cost.    

We provide our clients with high quality legal services and personalized care at a reasonable cost.

Firm Values

About Our Firm

Creative Litigation Planning

We communicate with our clients regarding litigation alternatives and identify "outside the box" legal solutions that allow our clients' to meet their objectives in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.


Zealous Advocacy

We fight zealously to defend our clients' interests and to vindicate our clients' rights.  We give our clients the kind of zealous representation we would want for ourselves or for our own family members. 

Our firm is committed to providing clients with high quality, cost-effective legal representation. We approach and handle every case with thoroughness, creativity, and zealous advocacy.


Our firm has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in providing smart, sensible, cost-effective legal solutions for our clients.